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 In this session, you'll have the chance to revisit and refine 3 to 5 of your most recent tattoos that you wish to improve, both in your unique style and artistic nature. I'll create a comprehensive video review, highlighting areas where adjustments could enhance your work, suggesting stylistic improvements, and offering detailed feedback on technique.

You'll receive actionable advice on things that could be done differently to strengthen your artistic vision, along with suggestions on how to refine your approach. This review includes a deeper dive into the tattoo machines and equipment you're using, so we can better understand your process and explore how to elevate your craft to the next level.

Don't hesitate to ask questions about your specific techniques, tools, and artistic approach. Together, we'll identify ways to refine your portfolio and enhance your unique style, giving you a clearer path to artistic growth and professional improvement


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”It’s best to create your own lane So you cant be compared”


“Be sure to really study your drawing before you tattoo it.”



Portfolio Review


Top features

  • It's essential to understand your current position to set a clear direction for your growth. This portfolio review isn't just a one-time assessment;
  • It includes a follow-up virtual call to check if you are meeting your goals, prioritizing your tasks effectively, and developing healthy habits that contribute to your success.
  • This approach ensures that you are continually progressing and refining your skills in a structured and supportive manner."

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